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AUGUTECH is a leading provider of Predictive Dialer, helping small to medium-sized businesses with outbound, inbound calling solutions. Our best calling solutions offers a variety of best dialers, from power dialers to progressive dialer to suit your calling requirements.
AUGUTECH Predictive Dialer can boost the amount of time your operators spend talking to clients and sales prospects. Our software system or auto dialer automates outbound dialing, connecting operators only to calls responded by real people, and ignores calls responded by voicemail systems and fax machines. It also makes better employee satisfaction, contact ratios and productivity, and minimizes the operating costs through efficiency gains.
AUGUTECH Predictive Dialer is easy to use and most comprehensive than any other software in the market, providing many outstanding benefits, including: call effectiveness & optimum performance, multiple dialing modes, modern call scripting, flawless reporting, call recording, seamless CRM integration, real-time monitoring, and all the tools to help you in complying with controls, & much more.
AUGUTECH Auto Dialer can call many numbers at once and connect agent to the first lead to respond instantly, maximizing the amount of time your outbound calling working team spend speaking to real people by up to 400%.
AUGUTECH Hosted Predictive Dialer is one of the perfect auto dialer solutions available as it helps increase your sales by up to 400% since you can deliver 60 calls per hour per agent. Enabling, your sales team to spend less time with more calls. The unique AUGUTECH auto dialer software comes with an integrated PBX phone system through which you can easily handle outbound and inbound calls. Moreover, you can easily monitor, listen-in, or even barge-in to any calls from any location.

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What is AUGUTECH Predictive Dialer?

AUGUTECH Hosted Predictive Dialer is a complete Internet-based automated phone dialing software which helps you to quickly setup without spending much. As you don’t need any expensive equipment and with our auto dialing software you can easily start dialing in less than 24-48 hours. Since all our hosted predictive dialers are completely internet based and with the help of an internet connection, computer and headset you can easily start dialing. Once you sign up with AUGUTECH our team of highly-trained dedicated staff will support you to set up your dialing campaigns, adding agents to your system and easily loading your heads list.
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Easy to Use

Are you looking for a Best Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialing Software or Automated Phone Dialer so you can start calling your leads? Don’t waste your time by trying to understand complicated algorithms and impossible setting, start contacting your leads now! AUGUTECH Hosted Predictive Dialer is very easy to use. Start a campaign, just upload leads and without any hassle call them right away!

You’re in Charge

Never get confused or worried about what exactly is happening to your leads using AUGUTECH Hosted Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialing Software or Automated Phone Dialer. Check reports when or how you want to, calls back customers or leads you want to call back or schedule a call.

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Simple Plans & Great Offer

All AUGUTECH Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialing Software or Automated Phone Dialer have a simple month-to- month subscription which you can discontinue or upgrade at any time! Also, if you have consecutively paid for our 40 Line Hosted Predictive Dialer consecutively for 12 payment you can buy it for just $1, isn’t that amazing! We ship you predictive dialer server straight to your desired designation. So don’t waste time, give a call to us today.

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What others say about Augutech’s Auto Dialing Software

“I don’t know much about automated phone dialer but your staff helped me get up and running within just 1 hour. After just 1 week of using it my sales have doubled! Keep up the good work!”

D. Mcleod
D. McleodAtlanta, GA#

“We needed an outbound dialer solution that could accommodate our small budget but still gives us the image of a big company. We are pleased that you not only gave us that but top notch customer support as well.”

S. Hawthorne
S. HawthornePhoenix, AZ#

“You guys really know your stuff. I’ve spoken to other companies who just wanted to sell me a cookie-cutter product while you actually took the time to customize a solution for my business. Thanks for all your efforts”

Edward M.
Edward M.Buffalo, NY#

“Selecting the perfect auto dialer should never be based on cost. The main attention is on what it can provide to the customer and how appropriate it will be just a few years from now from a technology standpoint.”

Darren H.
Darren H.Miami, FL#

“This is by far THE BEST hosted auto dialer I have ever used. It has everything I need all in one interface. Keeping track of all my calls is much better now. Thanks!”

Michelle S.
Michelle S.Chicago, IL#

“We are cooking now! We struggled to dial manually for 4 months since we opened before we found your 4-in-1 outbound dialer. Now our sales reps across 3 states are all using the same system to dial out and close much more business than before.”

Greg K
Greg KLos Angeles, CA#

“Thanks for all your help in getting us setup. This automatic phone dialer can sure do a lot! I’ll be sure to tell my colleagues about how great your services are.”

Kristina M.
Kristina M.Denver, CO#

“Where were you guys when I spent $60K on my old PBX? I can’t get over how yours can do so much more for so much less than my old system.”

B. Livingston
B. LivingstonHouston, TX#

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