Empower your Business Strategy with the Hosted predictive Dialer

Do you want to improve your agent’s productivity to boost sales? Do you want your agent spend more time in one-on-one talk for better results? Then you’re at the right place. With the help of Augutech’s hosted predictive dialer, you can enhance your agent’s performance to get more sales. Augutech’s hosted predictive dialer can triple your outbound productivity by enabling your agent’s proficiency to make more outbound calls in little time.

If you really want to know more about the advantages of Augutech’s hosted predictive dialer. Our professionals will help you to understand all the benefits of hosted predictive dialer and they will guide you about how you can use it and how you can get more sales using hosted predictive dialer.

Augutech’s hosted predictive dialer is based on cloud technology and you can say it a power dialer. Doesn’t matter from the numbers of agents that working in your office, you will not need to pay extra cost to manage cloud server. Instead of it, your agents can work from any location and this is very useful when your agent work from home.

Experience the incredible productivity of call center service with a hosted predictive dialer. This improves the proficiency of the agents and provides a rapid caller solution. It is cost effective and easy to install. A Predictive Dialer improves the business performance and transforms the strategy of your marketing campaign into a better platform. This technology allows your agents to talk to your leads as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hosted Predictive Dialer

Innovation Unlimited

It makes multiple calls to your contact list which saves time and money. Moreover, cloud predictive dialer tracks all the calls. This will help deliver new calls easily and keep your contacts information updated. You will get a secure extension which offers numerous features that make it unique.

  • Live agent monitoring.
  • Call recording.
  • Top notch customer service.
  • Third party transfer.
  • Managing the most effective marketing campaign.
  • Multiparty conferencing.



It eliminates the idle time and efficiently connect live leads to your agents. This will maximize agent’s productivity and you will get more return without any additional investment (no hidden fees or charges). It is very cost effective. The dialer is user-friendly and can be upgraded very easily. This improves the call center performance and efficiency. You can make a difference with this service and make your marketing campaign unique. Experience the affordable rates and quality of the dialers at the best price. This will help you in contacting new leads the quality is noticeable with crystal clear lines. You will get the faster connection and speed with unmatched prices. This is a self-service hosted dialer best in its performance.