What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer refers to a computerized information system, which dials several phone numbers simultaneously. To maximize productivity, most call centers operate by utilizing a predictive dialer. The dialer screens out no-answers, disconnected numbers, answering machines, and busy signals while at the same time predicting the exact time a human caller will handle the next call. In addition to that, predictive dialers measure factors such as average handle time, available lines, available agents etc., in order to accordingly adjust outbound calls. The measurement goes miles to deliver high levels of mathematical efficiency to utilize in call centers.

How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?

Just as their name suggest, predictive dialers work by predicting when agents shall be free to pick up the upcoming call. Afterwards, they dial numbers on behalf of the agents. The system employs the use of algorithms to surmise the precise time that an agent shall finish up with a call after which it dials another number. When the system is working optimally, it supplies agents with steady stream of calls with no or little downtime.
By doing that, a predictive dialer is able to save telemarketers and agents substantial amount of time. For instance, you can take roughly 30 seconds to dial a number manually. After that, chances are very high that only 1 out of every 3 or 4 calls may get answered. This is not the case with predictive dialers. They have the ability to calculate the average period/length of a call as well as the average dial numbers it takes to initiate a connection and then improve dialing for agents to move seamlessly from one call to another one.

Who Uses Predictive Dialer?

Generally, predictive callers are used in the following areas:

  • Service follow ups
  • Payment collection
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Surveys and/or market research
  • Telemarketing

On top of the above areas, this system is handy when it comes to lead qualification. In fact, some lead qualification agents utilize predictive dialers in order to maximize the time they spend on the telephone with their leads during the prospecting process of outbound sales.

How Effective is Predictive Dialer?

Most certainly, predictive dialers are highly effective. There’s no doubt about that. Various reports exist on the effectiveness of predictive dialers. Whenever phone utilization is the utmost concern, predictive dialers are known to deliver instant results. This study revealed that predictive dialers have the ability to improve agent productivity by more than 400%. Another study indicated that they are magical when it comes to increasing agent utilization from 40 minutes to 57 minutes hourly.
The main working principle behind this system is algorithms that enable it to calculate and determine mathematically, when an agent becomes free to receive the next call as well as when the next call dialed, will be connected. The dialer uses the calculation as a foundation to initiate the process of dialing other numbers in the list while agents pick up other calls.


Sales Acceleration

Brands will appreciate the fact that sales acceleration requires a well thought out strategy instead of a random or blind approach when it comes to accelerating sales. By using this system, brands will be able to optimize the entire sales process especially on the voice channel by being in contact with potential leads with more efficiency and greater precision. That will go miles in reducing operational costs, increasing sales, and driving agent efficiency.

Reduced Operational Costs

Agents save drastically by avoiding the need to dial customers. Additionally, the system is great at reducing significantly idle time. Furthermore, predictive dialers are great at predicting when current calls will finish thus saving time and operational costs.

Manage and Organize Client Database

A predictive dialer will help you to maintain all your records systematically. What does this mean? It simply means that clients or managers don’t have to scribble notes down or even fear misplacing them.

The following are some of the other advantages of working with a predictive dialer:

  • Helps to update the database
  • Enhances the relationship between the workforce and administration
  • Improves the efficiency of every agent
  • Helps to monitor the performance of agents
  • Great at reducing costs


While predictive dialers are a handy technology when it comes to boosting the productivity of outbound call center, it features a number of pitfalls and drawbacks. Most of the problems with this system are related to poor quality software or even a system that hasn’t been set up with the experience of the customer in mind.

Here are some of the drawbacks of a predictive dialer:

Prediction failure cases

The million-dollar question is, what happens when the algorithm fails? Since it’s all about a prediction, it means that chances are high it can’t be 100% accurate. In such a scenario, things are bound to happen:

A new dialed call will be picked up but no agent will be available to pick up. This can be a disaster.

If a deliberate lag happens to be introduced to the dialer, it will defeat the purpose of having the system in the first place. Remember that its purpose is to initiate calls in the fastest possible speed.

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) issues

Predictive dialers handle the task of auto-dialing numbers efficiently. Whenever the calls are picked by someone, the dialers get connected to an agent immediately who speaks to the individual that has dialed. That simply means that predictive dialers usually listen to a response from the other side. In the event that the phone isn’t picked up or the tones are busy, the software tends to be great at catching and interpreting the signals accurately. Nonetheless, in situations where the calls go to an answering machine, things are definitely not that simple.

Minimum Number of Agents

Of great importance to note is the fact that prediction algorithms work brilliantly only when the agent’s number is high. According to experts in the industry, the minimum agent number should stand at 10 – 12 for a dialer to work perfectly. Therefore, for the smaller call centers that have just some few people initiating calls, the system doesn’t provide much of an advantage.

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