A good customer experience is a critical factor in business success. Most successful businesses will normally divert their energy and efforts towards generating more customers. Business customers are as important as agents. In a call center, the business should aim at reducing the idle time of the agent. There should be a promising set of customers with promising prospects. Predictive dialer and hosted predictive dialer technology come at a time when it is needed. Every customer is important and the technology assists in establishing the best customer rapport.

What is predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an outbound telephone calling system that is designed to dial a list of telephone numbers automatically. The telephone control system does the autodial in sequence. It screens out no-answers, busy signals, disconnected numbers, and answering machines. It uses a computer that makes dialing decisions. It also passes answered calls to agents when the calls are answered. The system increases the efficiency of call center agents in a contact center. It calls a list of list of telephones numbers and connects only those answered calls to agents as it waits for a bridging action. A predictive dialer not only connects agents to calls that are answered but also reduces the amount of time spent on listening to tonnes of unanswered calls. Some predictive dialers detect calls picked by answering machines. They, therefore, filter such calls by dropping a pre-recorded voice message.

Hosted Predictive Dialer

What is a hosted predictive dialer?

To understand the meaning of hosted predictive dialer, we first have to define what hosting is. Having a hosted website means that the site is housed by an outside server, who runs and maintains it. In as much as you have complete access to the website, its physical location is outside your computer.

A hosted predictive dialer describes an auto dialer that is mainly inclined to cloud. The cloud dialers are known to offer the advantage of democratizing hardware costs. More often, the hosted dialer integrate with other cloud-based solutions like the Sales force while logging call metrics. The hosted predictive dialer then allows the agents to filter the list depending on his/her priorities with potential leads.

How does hosted predictive dialer work?

The server runs the hosted website from external sources. It works through software that runs an algorithm, which allows it to predict the answers to a given call. It then routes the connected calls to the next agent who is available.

The system filters out voicemail, busy tones, and dead or inactive phone numbers. It engages the agents continuously by use of potential leads. The potential leads are bought from vendors leads. They are then fed into the predictive dialer system. The hosted predictive dialer will often allow a 3:1, 5:1, or 7:1 concurrent call ration. This implies that for a given agent, the system will be three, five or seven times per agent.

What are the advantages of hosted predictive dialer?

  • Cost-effectiveness: In any business, the cost is a critical factor. Predictive dialers are a solution to initial hurdles that are involved in the execution of call center costs. Hosted predictive dialers are normally designed to be cloud-based. The benefits accrued while using cloud are higher in comparison to the traditionally hardwired dialers. Cloud-Based Predictive dialers are easy to install while maintenance is less expensive. There is need to stash away cash to carry out maintenance.
  • Access to customers: Predictive dialers make use of an algorithm that eventually zeroes in connectivity with the intended customers. All the unanswered calls and wrong numbers are phased out. Only the right ones get connected. After connecting the right customer, the most suited time is, opt by the predictive dialer. This, therefore, increases the chances of closing a sale from a customer.
  • Outstanding features: The cloud-based predictive dialer is always updated. It operates under software that automatically upgrades itself. The information concerning a given customer is synchronized into statistics and then squeezed into a significant lead. It is through such leads that a customer’s purchase sale program is initiated.

    The system also has a more accessible means of integrating with other systems of the call center. It marries with the CRM of the company and leaves behind meaningful results. Another advantageous feature that comes in handy is the sophisticated features that equip the system for complex tasks. Among this feature is the one that takes care of the customer’s information to enhance follow-up and tracking management activities.

  • Sales hastening: Whenever a call ends on a convincing note in the process of handling a customer, there will always be an accelerated impact on sale. Predictive dialer reduces the bulk of customer data. It makes it concise and meaningful. Sales are accelerated when the one has offloaded the burden of data mining about the customer’s preferences. The cloud-based predictive dialer will do all this for you. At the call center, one will always look for the successful call completion at the end of the day. Once the contact rate is effective, it will effortlessly accelerate sales activities. As a result, the sales acceleration is imminent.


Overall, any call center will require the services of a predictive dialer. A predictive dialer will highly increase the company’s productivity. Through eliminating the extraneous manually related factors, the system redeems more time to make more calls. The predictive dialer is tailored just for potential agents and customers. Implementing the system will always lead to an efficient way of meeting clients through agents.