Discover Innovative Sugar solution, with Excellent Integrated Mobile Application

Sugar has a wide range of Google apps integration that boosts your sale process automatically. It can easily archive your email features to attach Gmail messages. Users get strong business insights. This will increase the performance of your agents relevance. Sugar CRM mobile app gives you easy access to your customer data and makes it easy for your agents to stay connected to your clients. It supports the icalendar standard and Google calendar meetings contacts.

Salient Features of Integrated Sugar CRM

Integrated Sugar CRM is the best application to partner with your Predictive dialer. This allows your agents to interact with the greatest ease with your customers. This is a great partnership between CRM and Dialer

Explore the Easy Management of your Calls

Hosted Predictive Dialer Integrated Sugar CRM provides the best mobile app solution and it increases the volume of your calls. You can chat with your agents attentively by using this application. It brings a great solution at no additional cost.

Experience the Integrated Messaging Service

It integration into higher CRM platforms provides the best CRM solutions. It contains unified messaging and offers a myriad of additions which makes the CRM perfect for small or large business. Your agents can SMS, E-mail and Fax leads within one unified messaging platform.

Effective and Efficient List Loader

The smart list loader of Integrated Sugar CRM uploads the client lists in a format and also determines the country code and time zone. It can automatically validates your numbers with a proper international format. You can upload any EXL and CSV, and the time code will be determined by the application quickly.

Manage to get the Verification of valid Numbers

This best predictive dialer/CRM combination allows you to manage the projects efficiently. It imports the contact numbers and time zones and set the calls accordingly to the time zones. It will automatically verify the numbers.

Get the Benefits of Prompt Connection

This is the best way for the agent to connect with multiple incoming calls. Therefore, you will not miss any of your client calls. Integrated Sugar CRM is the exclusive Predictive Dialer feature. It is effective and provides quick services to the clients. With a progressive dialing the system only dials a call, when the agent is ready to take a call. This is very affordable and before each call, the dialer allows the agent to get the CRM information and decide to skip the call automatically. Integrated Sugar CRM in the Predictive Dialer will customize your contact portals and also maximize your sales.